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2021-2022 Early Childhood Enrollment/Application Featured Photo

2021-2022 Early Childhood Enrollment/Application

The Early Childhood ONLINE application for the 2021-2022 school year is still open for applications. There are OPEN spaces in our Head Start programs throughout the parish for all those eligible families. Please refer to the income picture (pink columns) on the Application page to the right. The Head Start program is only allowed to accept 10 children district wide above this income. Those spaces have been filled. As any of those become vacant, we will go to the next family on the list.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement Image
It is the mission of the Plaquemines Parish Public School System to provide the highest quality instruction for every student so that we produce the best authentic readers, writers, thinkers and listeners.
It is the vision of the Plaquemines Parish Public School System that:
* All students will achieve at high levels in the presence of powerful teaching.
* Teaching and learning will improve if adults engage in collaborative learning, planning, and open analysis of instructional practice.
* Decisions about teaching and learning will be evidence-based and address the brutal reality.
* A focus on literacy and numeracy will strengthen teaching and learning across all grade levels and subjects.
* Taking actions to provide "whatever it takes" will ensure every student's success.

Enrollment Data

  • 62 3-Year-Olds Served
  • 179 4-Year-Olds Served
  • 250 Total Children Served
  • 0 Children on Waitlist