Are your ready for PreK?

Here is a video that was created by one of our committees.  There are a few things you can do before school begins to help your child become ready for an early childhood classroom.  
  • Use pretend play to explore the idea of school
  • Read books about preschool
  • Practice self-help skills: fastening their shorts, washing their hands, open/ close a backpack, putting items in your backpack, fastening shoes, hanging your jacket on a hook, open/ close your snacks and drinks, putting on a jacket, placing items where they belong, and so many more.
  • Plan to visit the Meet and Greet at your child's school
  • Listen to your child's worries no matter how big or small
  • work on a daily schedule:  eating at the same times, napping at the same times, create routines for daily consistency, go to bed at the same time.
As children change to a new environment, their anxiety will show in many ways.  We are hoping some of these ideas will help your child begin the school year successfully.